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The Mindset Reset Programme

is an online self-development programme presented in 6 modules designed to be worked with over a period of six months,
beginning with a personal review followed by a series of practices to develop a new set of beliefs with which to make
better decisions about our life choices.  Participants will be members of a private Facebook Group receivng input and
support from myself and fellow participants, as we share our journey with like-minded people. 


Your Triggers 
Understanding your brain 
Core Values

Changing Your Approach 
Your Mindset
Neurological Support
The Joy of Possibility

Mindset Reset 


Brain Training & Self-Care
Critical Thinking
Mindfulness - Self-Hypnosis Breathing - Yoga

Diet, Supplements, Exercise 
Physical & Mental Health
Gut Health

Mindset Reset


Setting Goals  
The Power of ‘Yet’ 
Help Others to Help Yourself 
Improve Sleep Patterns

Developing A Growth Mindset What have you learned?
Communicating Openly

Mindset Reset


Let’s start at the beginning where, in Module 1 we focus on getting to know                                       your Brain, your Core Values and your Triggers. This is going to be fun!

Your Brain, Core Values & Triggers

Understanding Your Brain

Your brain is the most sophisticated information-processing organ in the known universe, but how it uses that information is questionable. Much of our thinking is done automatically influenced by our earlier experiences, without our conscious involvement and few of us know how to make better use of the massive power of our brain. But this can be changed if you learn how. 

You and your triggers

We can all live our lives selectively believing in certain things, accepting lies as truth or vice-versa, creating our own reality, regardless of the facts. It makes us feel safe. Sometime it makes us feel we belong to a certain group of ‘like-minded’ people. How about you? What do you base your life on? To put it another way, what are your core values? 

Core Values

To make the most of the programme you need to establish what your core values are - yours will be different to anyone else, usually a combination of several such as your attitude to or relationship with: acceptance, community, empathy, freedom, gratitude, health, knowledge, moderation, spirituality, wealth and much more. Just considering the various subjects will help you think more about who you really are.

The first module starts by helping you discover who you really are and how you currently think about things. Only then can we develop new practices to improve the way we think. Then, we can consciously work towards making the outcomes we wish to see in our lives much more possible.

Your Mindset & Learning About Neurology

In Module 2 we look at your Mindset drawing on your core values and attitudes to a variety of subjects and opportunities. This will help you question yourself about your approach to self-development. If you find yourself having a fixed mindset you will need to engage in the programme with a view to changing this as your main objective, whilst those with a growth mindset can focus on developing an expansive approach to retraining your brain to achieve the level of control and discernment that will serve you well as you set your own goals for the future.

We take a look at the world of neurology to understand a little more about the workings of the brain (without going into too much detail) and we explore the increasingly enlightening scientific evidence that our brains can be changed to establish new ways of processing information. We also discuss various practices such as mindfulness and yoga which can have a significant impact on the state of the mind, reducing anxiety and enabling clearer thinking.

The Possibilities Are Endless

With the right mindset anything is possible. In order to change your mindset to include more possibilities you’ll need to practice thinking differently and taking advantage of opportunities that come your way. This may sound straightforward but it can take some time and determination to change the habits of a lifetime, so you’ll be introduced to a series of practices that you can use to help you develop these skills.

Brain Training, Self-Care and Critical Thinking 

In Module 3 we focus on what you might see as routine practices such as brain training (puzzles and quizzes, etc) along with self care of your physical and mental health, looking at what can help you to maintain a good level of physical fitness and practices to support your goals. These include: Mindfulness, Self-Hypnosis, Breathing and Yoga. You will be encouraged to use some of these practices to provide valuable therapeutic benefits as part of your practice during and after the programme.  

We also look into Critical Thinking and Cognitive Biases 

Cognitive biases (embedded beliefs) can only be challenged by Critical Thinking (the unbiased analysis of facts to form a judgment) so we will delve into how our biases affect our thinking and decision making and address the best way to overcome these biases with our critical thinking. 

Diet, nutrition, gut health and physical activity 

Module 4 takes us into the realm of diet, nutrition, gut health and physical activity - with a view to providing the support our brain and body need to optimise our performance, create good nutritional practices and feed our brain so it can produce the chemical environment it can best operate in. 

We look at the link between the brain and the gut for which latest research confirms the validity of the ‘gut reaction’ as an aspect of our mind, not just our gut. It seems that the physical link via the vagus nerves is a two way highway of information and influence and we should make more use of it. 

We explore the contents of our gut biome which is often in a poor state of balance due to our modern diet. Addressing this is important if we are to improve our overall health and maximise our potential for growth. We consider the benefits of pre- and probiotics in the challenge to rebalance our gut biome.

We consider the role of supplements in our diet and discuss options for making sure our food intake is as natural as possible, why it is increasingly important to improve our intake of beneficial foods and how the addition of vitamins needs to be much more closely managed.

A physically active lifestyle can help your mind stay fit as well as your body and it doesn’t have to be full on ‘exercise’ to benefit but is important to include aerobic exercise and muscle toning activities; even 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your overall health and your state of mind. 

Re-Setting Your Goals and Developing Your Practice

Later, in Module 5, we introduce a range of practices that will help you look forward to a better future using your changed mind, using affirmative language to strengthen your mind, mindful approaches to the power of the word ‘yet’ and help to improve your sleep patterns, all of which contribute to a better overall standard of health.

Then in Module 6 we will assess where we have reached in our journey, assess what else you can do to ensure your new ‘Growth Mindset’ serves you well as you move forward. You can expect a range of support from within the programme and from fellow participants all of whom you can learn from and support yourself.